Research Results Independently Audited by INVESTARS.COM  We are ranked #1 again, thank you to our clients.  

   Why ASR ?

Alpha Street Research produces quantitative investment research rankings and reports for 3,000 of the largest U.S. traded public equities.  Used By:
  • Commercial Banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, and other institutional managers.
  • Retail Investors, personal financial advisors.
  • Our research incorporates 92 financial, technical, and behavioral characteristics ranking each stock relative to all others. See our Results Page to see how effective our ranking systems have been in 11 years of ranking research. 
  • Our stock recommendations are independently audited by  Check out our performance.


   How we are different

  • Buy/Sell/Hold doesn't work.  Stocks perform differently than 3 recommendations can foretell.  ASR covers 3,000 companies and everyone is ranked 1-10.
  • - 10's outperform the market every year*
  • - 10's out perform the market 82% of the months* 
  • See where your stock ranks
  • .... Or buy the full report and see WHY it's a 10!!
  • All the information you need
  • Compare 185 distinct metrics for your company against the market average, industry, and sector.
  • Easily interpret which categories the stock excels in.


Check out the results tab for documented research results, or follow the link to for our audited results.  Judge for yourself how 9 years worth of research has proven our 1-10 ranking models.